For starters, Thanks for stopping by!

Moving on – Woodhouse is what you (my charming readers) can call me(your unequivocally eccentric author). It is NOT the name of my book, although I can completely understand if you find yourself confused.

My book follows a young man named Altheus, and in true science fiction / fantasy fashion there is magic, destiny, and absurd happenings. Hopefully it will be an epic sci fi eventually, although calling ones own work epic does sound a bit pretentious, particularly when it isn’t even finished. As of yet, my book doesn’t have a title either. I have the beginning finished and I will be posting chapters as I write and review them. My goal is to post one a week. I am on twitter as well @biancawoodhouse and I’ll be tweeting any updates so be sure to add me. Chapters are listed on the right hand column under “recent entries” so click on Chapter 1 and get started!

A little about myself:
I am twenty four years old, likely to be twenty five by the time anyone reads this (that isn’t me being pessimistic either, the simple fact is that my birthday is rapidly approaching). As far as my day job goes, I have one of those terribly dull nine to five gigs where everyone starts the week by acknowledging these three facts:
1.Today is not Friday.
2. Tomorrow is not Friday.
3. The day after tomorrow is not Friday.
I’d continue, but my view of corporate America can be summed up in four words – the asshole of mediocrity. But, I digress, this blog is not a critique of socioeconomics.

My latest hobby (other than writing and my venture into blogging) is making mosaics and I will add a few posts about my projects at some point. Check out my youtube channel too as I’ll be uploading videos of my work.

Please feel free to add comments or critiques as I go along! I am open to suggestions and any useful help others can offer but keep it kind, I am new at this.


3 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for following me at Triggershorse. I’m looking forward to reading your novel! – Fawn

  2. Hi Bianca,
    Thanks for following my blog. I have been recently published. Tate wasvthenpublisher. It isn’t out yet. Hopefully by Spring. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sounds like you’re in the same place I was a year ago. Difference, I have not the courage to ‘write and post’; I’m a dedicated editor – right up to the last minute tweaks before clicking the ‘publish’ button.
    I wish you well with your project; you have certainly hooked my interest. & thanks for the invitation else I wouldn’t have known you existed.

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